TEAM OF COFFEES - 250g Coffee Beans 4 Pack


TEAM OF COFFEES - 250g Coffee Beans 4 Pack

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Strong and Balanced Team of Coffees!

Chosen for their different qualities!

250g Coffee Beans x 4 bags (*Super Sub Decaf currently only offered as ground coffee)

TEAM includes:

CROWD FAVOURITE 250g Coffee Beans x 1 (Blend - Full of Favour) 10% LATINAMERICA, 10% NICARAGUA, 40% COLOMBIAN, 40% BRAZIL MOGIANA

CHAMPIONS CUP 250g Coffee Beans x 1 (Single Origin - Full of Character) 100% ETHIOPIA YIRGACHEFFE

JOUEZ JOUEZ 250g Coffee Beans x 1 (Blend - A Flamboyant Style) 25% BRAZIL, 25% COLOMBIA, 25% ETHIOPIA SIDAMO, 25% SUMATRA

SUPER SUB 250g *Ground Coffee x 1 (Single Origin - Impactful Taste) 100% BRAZIL

100% Arabica

Two blends and two single origin coffees of which one is our amazing decaf! 
Swiss Water Processed 

*Note - we currently only offer the Super Sub in ground coffee so you’ll receive it as part of the TEAM OF COFFEES BEANS pack instead.